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Alando Simpson

Vice President

As an up and coming advocate for sustainability from the N/NE Portland Community, Vice President Alando Simpson as many might refer to as, is ahead of his time. Alando came aboard City of Roses in 2004 providing assistance on both the administrative end as well as the trade. After graduating from Portland State University, Alando jumped straight into the mix as a full time general manager, it was there where he placed his center of attention on shifting the organizations focus around sustainability and most significantly recycling.

Over the years, Alando has managed to become an organizational leader who believes in motivating employees to “get it done right the first time.” That same motivation has been the catalyst behind the restructuring of City of Roses’ entire operations with the spotlight being placed upon management processes. These same processes, which were inspired by sustainability, have led to the inception of construction waste reduction plans, waste and recycling education, recycling reports and innovative formulas which highlight carbon offsets through recycling.

Alando spends countless hours dedicating his time year round to youth sports, health and fitness. Aside from being a leader in the company and on the sidelines, Alando works diligently to sustain and uphold the community by advocating for social equity, education and small business growth.