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City of Roses Disposal & Recycling (CORDR) is an integrated waste & recycling organization that emphasizes its main focal point on, assisting businesses with reducing their carbon footprint.

Through this focus, we are committed to providing reliable waste & recycling services, complimented by friendly customer service and sustainable best management practices.

teampage-quote-alonzo“It is my obligation as a small business owner to provide jobs for our local economy and do my part to protect and preserve our local environment for the people of today and the generations of tomorrow” –Al Simpson

City of Roses Disposal & Recycling is the first ever African-American owned integrated solid waste and recycling company in the state of Oregon.

After many years of hard work, persistence and sacrifice, City of Roses has grown into one of the most customer service friendly and dependable recycling companies in the Portland Metro area. Most if not all of the groundwork has been laid for many generations to come.

Moving forward, City of Roses will not solely be recognized as a leader in the world of customer service but a leader in the truest sense of the term sustainability. In doing so, City of Roses will continue its focus on the triple bottom line in order to bring shared value to the local economy, environment and society.